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JSR Technology, LLC, brings you generative AI at your fingertips that is personalized for your business or organization. Communication with your employees just got a whole lot easier and more efficient!

ChatEE stands for
Chat Employer Employee

It is a platform analogous to ChatGPT, where you can centralize your company’s or organization’s information.

Step into an era of digitalization in which you provide your employees with the data they need without them necessarily having to write an email and wait for a response or schedule a meeting to get answers to a question. You, the employer, will work with your team of information technology (IT) and our JSR facilitators to input the policies, norms, statistics, documentation, reports, memoranda, results, facts, etc. pertinent to your company’s processes.

Our platform has the required features for you to create a customized dataset so that each input is associated with a corresponding output or for the model to learn the underlying structure without any specific task assigned.


You can Train 


to appropriately respond to questions like:

What expenses am I allowed and how do I claim them?

In 2019, what was the percentage of online sales over the two quarters?

You decide what information will be accessible to your employees and how specific it will be.


Benefits of



Completes routine tasks while your employees handle complex responsibilities.


It is cost-effective. Productivity will increase, and the number of new hires may decrease.


Quick response time


Facilitates onboarding: New employees become familiar with the company’s structure, vision, mission, values, and employee handbook.


Increased content availability: Company data is on hand 24/7.


Assists with the prompt implementation of operations management.

Are you ready to transform your business operations and leap into the future? 

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your operations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about implementing our AI solution. Let's embark on this journey of transformation together!

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