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Compensation, Rewards and Benefits Services

Achieve your business goals by attracting and retaining top talent

A lot comes into play when you want to put together your dream team. You need a realistic and sustainable compensation system that is up to par with your budget and the best practices in the industry, so your offerings can compete in the market. We are here to do that for you. By researching, developing, and implementing benefit, rewards and compensation programs that allow you to attract, motivate and retain the best talent available. 

That includes developing corporate policy for salaries, bonus and incentives and all sorts of other perks like: 

• Commissions
• Company cars
• Pensions

• Life insurance
• Profit sharing

• Dental plans

• Medical insurance
• Vouchers
• 401k

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Organizational Restructuring Support Services

High-level decision-making during a crisis can make or break your business

If anything was proven during the past few years is that at some point even the most solid industries will face challenges. That is when business executives like yourself will need the support, knowhow and experience of a team that can help you implement ethical cost reducing measures that will save you from an immediate crisis and also position you for long term success. 

Our team will create a customized restructuring package based on the specific needs of your organization. That includes: organizational chart restructuring, downsizing and/or rightsizing, employee communications and updated corporate policies. 

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Performance Evaluation and Workforce Development Services

An umbrella of services to create the right framework for helping your employees grow

Performance management is not just about evaluations and raises. By having a clear-cut plan of what is expected of team members you can create dynamics to avoid toxicity in the workplace. We can support you by creating a customized framework for employee evaluation on all managerial levels:

• Establish fair performance metrics and make them visible to all
• Educate your management team and staff on the appropriate use of those metrics 
• How to give timely and constructive feedback
• How and when to give recognition, including raises
• Create rewards and incentive programs that truly motivate

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Training and Development

Supporting personal growth is the key for overall business growth

By investing in your employee’s education you will impact how they perform every single day, which in turn improves your organization's effectiveness both short and long term. 

We will collaborate with your management team to develop customized training courses for your staff on topics that reflect your corporate culture. These trainings include, but are not limited to: developing leadership, customer responsiveness, assertive communication, sexual harassment, domestic violence protocols, time management, team building and more.

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360 Assessment

Empower your employees by giving them a voice

360 Assessment is a holistic approach to staff appraisal that allows employees to give feedback about themselves, management and other staff members. It also allows them to do self assessment, in order to create a positive contrast between their perspective what is perceived of them. 

It also helps in identifying how an executive is perceived by certain groups of respondents who have had functional relationships and organizational interactions with the recipient of the feedback.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Create a support system for new and current employees

Training newly hired employees or helping current one acquire new skills can be a daunting task. Fortunately we can offer you a smart, painless solution. When you hire our specialized consultant in coaching and mentoring you get the whole package: a professional with a background and expertise in labor relations, human resources and organizational behavior. 

She will meet with you, the staff that will receive the services and their supervisors to create a personalized program that fully empowers them to perform their duties. Our specialist can also help train supervisors on how to further develop the next wave of employees.

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Succession Planning

Ensure the continuity of every key role in your company from within

Regardless of your size, succession planning is a must for every business. It plays two important roles within your company: it helps create organizational loyalty by drawing new career paths for existing staff, and it ensures that no key position lacks a qualified successor.

When you hire us to define a succession planning strategy we will work with you to identify the high performance candidates available for the position. Also to identify potential employees for the position that might require further training and development, and then we will align that with your long term goals to make sure any decision fits well into your organization’s overall strategic plan.

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Talent Acquisition Services

Get hiring done right from the start

Direct Hire

Representing your best interests when it comes to talent acquisition

Hiring staff costs a business both time and money. By using our direct recruitment services you get an immediate edge by being able to focus on your core business while we run the process. 

We will streamline the recruitment process by hand picking the best talent suited for your needs. Once the correct hire is identified we will work out a competitive offer that aligns with your financial capabilities. And then we will finalize the hiring process, all while mitigating any legal risk with our understanding of rules, regulations and liabilities. 


We provide a comprehensive talent selection package that includes:

• Identifying the hiring manager's needs
• Analyzing the job description
• Posting jobs online and other recruitment tools
• Screening and shortlisting the talents
• Interviewing potential candidates to ensure that they meet all requirements

  for the position
• Employment verification

• Coordinating interviews with client (at either client's headquarters or JSR

• Individual evaluation and assessment of each potential candidate with the


• Assisting the client in the preparing the compensation package

• Negotiating with candidates

• Offer letter preparation and delivery

Outsourced Professional Services

When you are not ready for a full-time hire, get third party experts

If you are on the other side of the hiring spectrum and you don’t want to commit to full time hiring, we can provide you with a wide variety of outsourced solutions. Outsourcing can help you save costs and training time, could provide around the clock availability of staff and allows you time to better plan a permanent recruitment strategy.

Our resources come from a talent bank of diverse and highly experienced individuals in their field, so we guarantee that every experience will be world class. 

Some of the professional positions we offer in a temporary basis include:

• Receptionists
• C - Level Executive Assistants
• C - Level Personal Assistants
• Executive Assistants
• Administrative Assistants
• Chief of Staff
• Hospitality Staff
• Legal Secretaries + Assistants
• Controller

• Tax
• Treasury
• Corporate Accounting
• Financial Planning & Analysis
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Payroll
• Bookkeeping

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Human Resource Outsourcing (Fractional) & Consulting

Get a dedicated Human Resources desk without
a full time hire

This solution, also referred to as Fractional Human Resources, can provide invaluable support to companies who need interim or additional support. It combines HR management with payroll services, so it’s like having a more effective and streamlined HR department in an outsourced model.

We start by deep diving into your business structure looking for immediate needs and organizational objectives to develop an action plan. Then we conduct an in-depth audit of the human resource operations of your organization and provide dynamic recommendations to address your company’s needs in key areas:

• Strategic Planning
• Retention and Development
• Files Audit
• Employee Relations
• Best Practices to Help You Maximize your Workforce
• Performance Management
• Compliance Training
• Rewards and Benefits Administration
• Performance with All Compliance Statutory Obligations Regarding PR Labor Commonwealth
• Training and Development

• Succession Plan Development and Administration

• Design and Implementation of Metrics

• Affirmative Action Plan

• Extensive inventory of pre-employment test categorized into different classifications, including:

• Skill & Technical

• Psychometric

• Aptitude and Job Roles

• Industrial/Organizational Psychology Assessment & Intervention

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Payroll Administration

Worry free payroll and taxes management

If administrative financial tasks are consuming valuable time from your core business, we have your solution. With payroll administration a highly skilled payroll professional will manage every detail of your payroll needs, including taxes, making sure they get done accurately and on-time.

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